The Visa issued to me was D and they said I can pay up to a Maximum of 650Euros to process the documents in Ghana. I am really guessing on this though, and recommend you speak with someone in BAMF or at the your local Landratsamt to figure out what exactly you can do. Congratulations on your wedding. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. As I’ve been living here from last 3 years , Paying Tax since May 2015,not taking any social/financial help from Government. 1- is it mandatory for me to register in a German municipality and provide Official Statement of Residency (Meldebescheinigung) to the Standesamt or would proof of my residence in my non EU country work as long as she is resident in Germany and can provide proof? Sorry but I don’t know the answer to your question because I managed to escape this requirement. There may be another way that’s designed better for your specific situation as well; perhaps someone else will leave a more relevant response for you. If you’re from a non-EU country then I believe you need a residence permit for family reunification. can show income for last 5 years, anyway worst case, can my wife or me find a job? @Hans, Just take the contract with you to rathaus register yourself. I’m not familiar with this area of immigration, so I would recommend checking with the German embassy or consulate in your home country. Thanks alot, I like to know a roughly how long. @Moosakhansite I don’t know about that. Start Landratsamt Ämter und Aufgaben Ordnungsamt Ausländeramt. There are three things that stick out: the German language requirement, health care requirement, and provisions for old age. Frühaufsteher warten weniger; Meiden Sie Brückentage; Meiden Sie die Mittagszeit; Vor allen Schulferien warten Sie länger; Bei den Bürgerservices können Sie Ihren Ausweis, Pass oder Führerschein beantragen und Vieles mehr… Unsere Dienstleistungen finden Sie hier. Please suggest, what are the requirement we both need to fulfil for the resident permit? I am from Turkey and married to a Polish. Contrary to what I heard, the entire process was actually simple- after three months I received the card and the only costs I incurred were the price of the permit, about 30 euros, 80 euros for a translated document, and the cost of buying health insurance (about 280 euros for six months). at the other city as nebenwohnung, will this suffice for my application according to the aufenhaltsgesetz nach 28? And should I translate documents for Landratsamt into German language? Hopefully it works and good luck. securing a livelihood (including adequate health and care insurance) with long-term and regular income I can get visa without showing language proficiency. but if you run into contradictory advice from the German government like we did, go ahead to the local office and try to present what you have. Please clarify. Was he allowed to get it there without travelling back to Lebanon? Is it possible to apply for another residence card by submitting marriage certificate or i should wait till the current expires? I am Peter and i just got an appointment for a family reunion visa at the German general consulate. Thank you Douglas. I believe in most cases you must also renounce your previous citizenship, prove you can speak B1 German (something around this level), and pass a test about knowledge of German civics. Visitors who currently live in Mannheim and cannot leave the federal territory in good time before the expiry of their visit visa or their permitted visa-free stay due to the travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please send your personal details by email to Lets say Brexit doesn’t change anything for the time being, can my wife and I leave Germany to say live in another country for a year or two and come back? I’m an Indian married to a Portugal citizen. Can anyone try to explain what the meldegesetz says please or does this assumptions overrule the paper works/signature. Do you know how long it takes to get answer after application and how the process always goes? Looking forward to hearing from you ., However it seems like there could be an exception for your case because your family is in Germany. Any lessons learned, anything that I can think off? Verpflichtung gemäß § 44a Abs. This is all a bit confusing. Wish you the best! As long as you apply for your residence permit soon before your tourist visa expires you should be fine, even if it is processed past your visa expiration (Section 81 part 3 or the Residence Act, Next I believe you need to apply for the residence permit at the Landratsamt. This is where we can all get the most valuable details. Thank you. Do you think is it legally? Your inputs will truly help our application! Language Requirement: Recent legislation has now mandated a German language requirement for certain people. I’M a Nigerian national currently living in Italy, I have 2years Italian resident permit valid all Eu. You got married outside of Germany, correct? 22 talking about this. Ausnahmen hierfür sind ausdrücklich durch Gesetz, bzw. The whole process only took me 20 minutes, scanned our new passports, past 3 months pay slips, signed 2 paperwork, provide fingerprints, paid €28,80 and submitted biometric photograph, and was given a letter on the spot saying that my residency card is being processed and may take some time so the letter serves as a proof of my legal stay in Germany until the card arrives. 20 mins of the appointment and was granted another 5 years in Germany. As of now, Germany doesn’t allow same-sex marriages, though it does allow same-sex civil partnerships. Ausländerbehörde Mannheim: Informationen zu Ausländerbehörde. * Is it one of the documents that I need to submit at the time of applying for my Residence Permit? For me it took a month or two to get the aufenthaltskarte. I tried find insurance equally to yours but failed. a) Yes, I believe you will need a letter from her father stating that you live there, or a rental contract of some kind. Or perhaps when I apply right away for the Aufenthaltskarte, I receive some paperwork saying I can work? If I don’t have any address proof in Frankfurt and so on . -What type of visa do you have (C or D)? This actually answered my problem, thanks! I am doing this the legal way, never do something illegal as it would go against your application. though the foreign spouse have student work permit (450 eur basis) and working. Thank you very much for your reply. i am from pakistan and wife is eu national. What ever you pay for house rent it shouldn’t be problem because Ausländerbehörde won’t ask you. Here is a link with more detailed information (it’s for an American and a German, but I believe it’s the same process for all non-EU citizens):
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